mons pubis


mons pubis {/monz pyoobiss/}
  1. the rounded mass of fatty tissue lying over the joint of the pubic bones.


mons pubis


In human anatomy or in mammals in general, the mons pubis (Latin, pubic mound), also known simply as the mons, is the soft mound of flesh present in both genders just above the genitals, raised above the surrounding area due to a pad of fat lying just beneath it which protects the pubic bone. It is anterior to the symphysis pubis.

After puberty it is normally covered with pubic hair to an extent, as may be the labia majora in females or the scrotal sac in males.

In females this fleshy area above the vulva is also called the mons veneris (Latin, mound of Venus) and divides into two to form the labia majora either side of the furrow known as the cleft of venus.

Among the colloquialisms that exist for the mons pubis is the British punning appellation, "fanny hill", where "fanny" is a Briticism for the female genitals and Fanny Hill is a famous pornographic novel by John Cleland.